Your Last Encouragement Before 2024

Start the Year Strong with this FREE Resource!

As this is the last WISER Newsletter issue of 2023, let’s take a brief moment to ensure that we start next year in the best way possible!

Before I do, I just want to voice how much I appreciate you checking out the WISER Newsletter each week.

This community has grown from 416 readers to 6,000+ in 2023.

I cannot thank you enough for joining me in my mission to get wiser each and every week.

2024 will be a HUGE year for Wisdom Made Easy, and I’m delighted that you’ll be part of it.

Now for the final time this year, let’s get WISER together!

💪 Start the Year Strong!

The new year gives you a blank slate.

It’s a chance to forget the failings that you might have experienced last year.

I have an encouragement for you:

“You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”
- Zig Ziglar

I want to be able to get to the end of 2024 and say “I made the most of this year.”

You have the opportunity to do the same, but to do so, you have to start!

January is often a month of blues and despair for many.

Don’t let that be the case for you.

Consider what things you can put in place to ensure that you start the year strong.

I'll be sharing one of the things I'm doing in just a moment. 👇

🚰 Prioritise Your Wellbeing From the Start

Often when we start a new year, we push ourselves too hard.

Don’t worry - I get it.

Even though we want to start the year strong, it’s important that we start the year right.

Your wellbeing should be a non-negotiable.

I shared this post a couple of weeks ago and many people related to it.

Here I have shared that things like worrying, Netflix and Instagram are common things that mean that people don’t have sufficient time for their own wellbeing.

What are the things that drain your energy and impact how much you can devote to self-care?

What are the things that you can put in place to make sure that your wellbeing isn’t an after-thought?

Here’s your last chance to download The Wise Annual Review before the start of 2024!

Join 500+ people who have downloaded these 8 simple activities to extract wisdom from this last year to ensure they excel next year.

Download it for FREE here:

⌛️ 2024 Will Be Your Wisest Year

I strongly believe that getting wiser is the best thing that you can do.

It’ll be transformative for your health, relationships, wealth and general life fulfillment.

In an effort to help you and I in our endeavour to get wiser, allow me to present a resource that I’ll be releasing every month…

Introducing the Random Acts of Wiseness!

Before the start of each month, I’ll share a calendar with daily activities to help you live your wisest life!

They're designed to be simple tasks like:

  • Scribble down 10 things that you're grateful for

  • Watch a documentary that you haven't seen before

  • Spend 2 minutes doing breathing exercises

This is just one of the many FREE resources that I plan to release over the next year.!

If you want to download a printer-friendly version, check out a new resource section of my website here:

✍️ Journal Prompts

• How are you going to start 2024 strong?
• What can you do to make self-care a priority for you this year?
• Would you benefit from the Random Acts of Wiseness?

Consider journaling through the above questions yourself.

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