The P-Word

3 Actionable Tips to Reach Your Potential

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The P-Word…

Potential is one of those words that I find myself reflecting on regularly.

It was a word that people would use around me when I was in primary school.

“Michael has a lot of potential.”

As someone who now feels like he might not have lived up to much of what people were expecting of me at that time, I find myself regularly asking myself “Am I reaching my potential?”

If you’re not careful, that question can be fuel to beat yourself up.

Instead, let’s use that question and 3 actionable tips to help you reach your potential.

🏅 Stop Trying to Be The Best

There is too much importance placed on being the best, but not everyone can be number 1.

Instead of constantly striving to be better than everyone else, shift your focus to be the best that you can be.

“Our job isn’t to be the best, it’s do to our best.” - Bear Grylls

Bear shared this quote on Steven Bartlett’s The Diary of a CEO, and as the Chief Scout of international organisation Scouts , Bear believes and professes the idea of doing our best; doing the right thing in each and every moment.

For me, this understanding is synonymous with fulfilling our potential. If you do your best in every circumstance, you will, by definition, fulfil your potential.

🎈 Don’t Try to Do Too Much

You will not achieve your potential if you do too much.

You only have so much energy, so much mental capacity and so much passion to give.

Stretching your resources by doing too much is like trying to blow up balloons with a limited amount of air.

Wouldn’t you rather have one well-inflated balloon than a load of barely usable ones?

To reach your potential, you may need to focus your attention on one meaningful thing.

Take a moment to consider: are you focussing on too much?

⌛️ Don’t Let Disbelief Win

People often don’t reach their potential because they give into doubt, fears or disbelief.

You might have a goal or aspiration that you are putting off because you believe it’s impossible.

But I have news for you…


It always seems impossible until it’s done!

Sometimes the only thing that separates those that don’t reached their potential from those that do is the belief that the impossible is possible.

Granted, this doesn’t apply to every circumstance, but are there things that you are putting off because you believe they are unrealistic? Could they actually be realistic?

In summary, to reach your potential:

  • Focus on doing your best, not being the best

  • Don’t focus on too many things

  • Overcome disbelief to make the impossible possible

✍️ Journal Prompts

• What do you focus on more: doing your best or being the best?
• Are you focussing on too much?
• Are you putting off any dreams because you think they’re impossible?

Consider journaling through the above questions yourself.

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