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Working With an Author on a Special Project

Hello friends, it’s Michael here!

In today’s newsletter, I want to share some of the lessons that I’ve learned from a project that I have been working on behind the scenes, but first…

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☀️ Brighter Days

Since starting Wisdom Made Easy in May 2022, I have been blessed with lots of exciting opportunities. Today I wanted to share one of them with you!

Earlier this year, Patrick Regan OBE announced that he was releasing a book called Brighter Days - 12 steps to strengthening your wellbeing.

As the founder of the Kintsugi Hope charity which equips people to understand topics like anger, shame and loss, Patrick is uniquely placed to write a book about wellbeing.

As someone who has volunteered as a Wellbeing Group Leader for a Kintsugi Hope group and personally benefitted from his mission, I knew that I wanted to be involved in seeing this book get in more hands.

So a few messages and a video call later, and we had agreed that I’d produce some visuals based on the concepts he shares in his book.

As this book is going to be launched in less than a week, I wanted to share 3 principles from Brighter Days with you.

First up…

🐾 Small Steps Are Still Steps

This first concept is a powerful one and one that we all take for granted at some point in life.

You have high standards for yourself and you want to achieve them. For some people, you don’t want to just achieve - you want to achieve FAST.

But you don’t have to get to the finish line fast, and here’s why:

“Small steps are still steps.”
- Patrick Regan OBE

You might be frustrated that you’re making slow progress towards your goal, but small steps are still steps!

Any progress is progress.

And whilst you’re making progress, the second principle I visualised will be useful to remember.

🎯 Perfectionism…

I have a love-hate relationship with perfectionism.

My perfectionist tendencies mean that I have very high standards for myself, which has meant that I try to do my best when working, creating, serving and so on.

Where perfectionism becomes unhealthy for me is when I inevitably don’t meet those unrealistic expectations.

The reason I don’t meet those expectations is because I don’t recognise that…

“Perfectionism is a moving target.”
- Patrick Regan OBE

Perfection isn’t achievable. When you get to what you think perfection is, you will find that there’s another tweak you can do to make it perfect, or maybe if you just did that extra thing it might be perfect.

Stop fooling yourself.

We must learn to accept that perfection is a moving target and that doing our best is the closest we will get to perfection.

Instead of dwelling on the fact that things aren’t perfection, turn your attention to…

🫙 A Jar Full of Gratitude!

Practicing gratitude has changed my life.

It’s one of the key reasons that I included it in my e-book: The Wise Guide to Journaling.

According to the American Psychological Association, writing down everything that you are thankful for can make you feel more content in life.

Whether you’re fighting depression, trying to boost your self-esteem or be more appreciative of your loved ones, you’ll likely experience endless benefits from writing little notes of gratitude.

A gratitude jar is as simple as it sounds.

You write down something that you’re grateful for, then tuck it in a jar for safe keeping.

Then, next time you need a little pick me up, you’re able to open the jar to read through countless blessings in your life.

It’s a simple yet effective way to be more content with your life!

📖 And They All Lived Happily Ever After

I hope that you enjoyed these visuals as much as I did working on them!

Even though this book isn’t the answer to all of your problems and won’t mean that you’ll be happy all the time, I am confident that this will help you to live a happier, healthier and WISER life.

If you want to order a copy of Patrick’s book Brighter Days, you can pre-order it here:

✍️ Journal Prompts

• What area are you making progress in at the moment?
• Do you struggle with perfectionism?
• Do you have a gratitude practice?
• What are you grateful for today?

Consider journaling through the above questions yourself.

👍 Recommendations

Here’s a couple of things that we think will complement this week’s newsletter and will help you to get wiser:

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I’ll be heading along to the book launch in a few days time in London, and it’d be great to see you there!

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✍️ What We’re Working On

If you read last week’s newsletter, you would have seen that I announced that Zac has left Wisdom Made Easy.

As such, I’m in the process of rebranding a few of the social media channels, so don’t be alarmed if you see some changes over the next couple of weeks!

And as I come to the end of a couple of client commissions, I am exploring a few ideas of how to move Wisdom Made Easy forward, and I’m excited to talk through some of these ideas in the coming issues.

Watch this space for more information about this!

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