What Do You Follow? Desire or Purpose?

3 Quick Tips to Help You Follow Your Purpose

Let me ask you a few simple questions:

  • What do you follow?

  • Is there a particular goal that you are pursuing?

  • Are you chasing after your wildest desires?

  • Do you have a meaningful purpose that motivates your actions?

Even though these questions might be straightforward, the answers can be more complex.

Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane before I share 3 quick tips that will help you follow your purpose.

🖼️ The Visual That Started It All

I’ve shared a number of visuals with errors in them.

But the visual I want to talk about today was first shared this time last year.

This is what I meant to share:

It took me about 30 minutes to realise this mistake, but by then the post had already started to pick up traction in the algorithm.

So I was faced with a tough choice:

  • Option 1: I remove the post and re-upload it with the correct spelling, but potentially impact the visual’s reach

  • Option 2: I leave the post to continue to get likes, but show myself to be a bit of a fool

What do you think you would do in this situation?

🫂 I Made the Right Decision

As you can see here, I opted to leave the visual with the typo.

The reason for this was hidden in the visual this whole time!

Once I had identified that my desire to not be embarrassed by a typo was less important than a nugget of wisdom reaching more people, it was an easy decision.

I chose my purpose of encouraging people to get wiser over my desire to not be seen as a fool.

So what does this mean for you?

🧭 3 Quick Tips

I’d encourage you to sit with the question about what you follow this weekend, and here are 3 visuals to help you get clear on your purpose.

Your goals should depend on your purpose.

Consider whether your goals align with your overarching values.

“Don’t worry about speed, direction is more important. I would rather be moving slowly in the right direction than fast in the wrong one.”
- Steven Bartlett

Following your purpose is not a sprint.

Don’t worry if you’re in a season of taking small steps.

Small steps are still steps.

Our journeys can evolve over time.

Approaching life with an open-mindset will allow you to twist and turn with the challenges that life throws at you.

When you’re doing meaningful work, things will try to knock you off course.

Don’t be so closed-minded that you fail to see the threats you’re facing.

Have an open-mind and roll with the punches!

✍️ Journal Prompts

• What are you following? Desire, purpose or something else?
• Do your goals align with your purpose?

Consider journaling through the above questions yourself.

👍 Recommendations

Here are couple of things that I think will complement this week’s newsletter and will help you to get wiser:

1️⃣ The first recommendation is to check out Colin and Samir’s YouTube channel.

This duo tends to focus on YouTubers and the creative economy, but there have been countless episodes that have wise principles that you can implement yourself.

The most recent features Emma Chamberlain who has taken a step back from posting videos online to follow what she feels in her new direction.

It’s well worth a watch! Check it out here:

2️⃣ My second recommendation for this week’s issue is Rick Rubin’s The Creative Act: A Way of Being.

This is a great book that many people have found help them with direction.

The bearded beat master himself shares reflections that can help you on the daunting journey of creating.

Consider buying your copy here:

* Please note that these may be affiliate links. Purchasing through these links could support Wisdom Made Easy encourage more people to get wiser.

✍️ What I’m Working On

Want to know something neat?

I’ve already scheduled 90% of my content until the end of March 2024.

This is enabling me to experiment with releasing a few free resources in the new year.

It’s also giving me the time and space to start experimenting with video content!

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